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Stephanie Thompson

One word wow! I have thick and wild hair, which I have struggled to control all my life. Many hours have been spent straightening my hair, as to have it curly, I would have t use too much product to calm it down. Used JIm + Henry’s Eight for the first time and my hair has turned into gorgeous, healthy and calm curls with no extra product,amazing! 


Eleanor Sealy

I love this product! It is fantastic on my daughter's super curly hair but it is also amazing on my own frizzy,fuzzy curly caucasian hair. I have had loads of compliments from people not sure what I have done differently to it, and it stays better for longer. No kidding, I am amazed at the difference. I also love that the actual product is so "soft" and not in the least bit oily. Which makes it easy to use, especially to refresh my daughter's hair between washes. 

I think you have developed a brilliant product and I will certainly be buying it again. Thank you!


Shanice Thompson

My hair felt so soft when I used the leave in conditioner. As my hair is natural I would highly recommend this product. It worked wonders for enhancing my curls and not weighing down my hair.


Nicola Presdee

Eight is actually really nice, it makes my hair soft, and my curl pattern come out, even the small curls, thank you. 


Thandi Maq

It's a really effective leave in conditioner - not sticky at all, and I love the packaging! 


Agatha Thompson

It’s made my hair grow. 






THIS.PRODUCT.IS.BOMB, my hair felt so healthy after one use, definitely DEFINITELY buying the full size.


Nicole Said

When Ive Finished This Tub I Will Be Restocking Asap As I Need This In My Life, It’s Always Nice To Have A Product That Fulfils Several Beauty Goals And The Fact That It’s Totally Organic Is Such A Win For Me!!


Jaz Harlow

Used your product today! Wow! Amazing, my hair is so soft Will be purchasing this week. 


Amy Naomi

I absolutely love it.It's awesome very moisturising. Without being crazy. Not to heavy perfect consistency.


Beulah Davina

I'm still loving Eight. This leave-in keeps my hair moisturised for days!


Rachel Holland

The hair conditioner was really good on his hair! His hair is thicker than mine so made if softer than usual I still have some left will use on him again, thank you.



Brands + Salons

My Ebony Box

Eight is the finest leave-in conditioner for Afro and curly hair. The leave-in conditioner is just pure magic on your crown, our team has personally tried and tested Eight and we were blown away!


Hair So Rare

Great product, it works so well on our European clients. Thank you.


Moor Hair

We use this amazing leave-in conditioner as a family. Perfect on damp hair, it really helps retain moisture. Works wonders after swimming!!


SKN Doctor

Just used Eight on my braids (under my weave) and I love it! I probably used it in a bit of an unorthodox way (as a moisturiser) but hey!  So light/whipped and non greasy. 


Keisha Omilana

I'm LOVING my new Eight sample! The smell, light weight, and feeling of the product is amazing. I'd love to know where I can get more (I have WAY too much hair for this tiny glass jar to last me long) and I'd also like to share Eight with my clients who I know would benefit from the product. Thank you!


Loretta De Feo

Editorial contributor

Really love the product.

Hand made. Lab-tested and approved for children and babies. Adults too.

Only eight ingredients

Paraben-free. Vegan. Organic oils.